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Mrs.Garner's 2nd / 3rd Grades


Welcome to Mrs. Garner's School Loop page


   Thank you families of Room 7!  Thanks for helping in the classroom, at parties, giving donations, and supporting your children and me.  It has been my pleasure to work with your children this year!  

Have a terrific summer, stay safe and cool!   READ!  READ! READ!


Important Dates:


May 31-June 1-Room 7 Reading Celebration Minimum Days-dismissal at 12:35

June 2-Last Day of School-Rm. 7 Family Pancake Breakfast and Awards-Dismissal at 11:30.


Lunch Bunchers

HOORAY!!  Super Lunch Bunchers!!            


We had a taco lunch in Mrs. Garner's RV!


Congratulations to these kids for turning in every piece of homework

and having good behavior for the whole year!!


  Zoey                Aneesa            Jose           Abigail             Macey        


 Connor             Justin              Liana          Ireland             Audrina            


 Julien                Hunter



Students who complete all of their homework, including the reading log, and have good behavior in the month, will earn Lunch Bunch!


Room 7 Superstar News



  2nd Grade                                                                                 


  3rd Grade  


Top Reader Minutes

Congratulations!!  The Year's Top  Home Readers!

To be announced soon!


   2nd Grade                                           

1st Place--.  ??         

2nd Place--  ??

  3rd Grade                       

1st Place--  ??                     

2nd Place--  ??                     



   Class Goal = 70,000 minutes

   Minutes for this month 

   Our Minutes for the year = 85,582 minutes!    WOW!!                      

Perfect Attendance

 Perfect Attendance for the entire year!! 


      Alani        Aneesa       Abigail


             Justin      Giselle



Each month, the Students with perfect attendance will be honored here. (no more than 2 tardies)

Tardies=less than 30 minutes            LATE=after 9:00 a.m.

Lates due to a Dr. appt. are considered excused with a note.

Super Saturday school will erase one absence each time you attend!

*These students have been here everyday since school began with no more than 2 tardies for the year.

My email

Garner, Shannon
Rodriguez, Gricelda


Joke of the Week

Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?

Answer:  To find Pluto!

This Week's Homework


for this year!!


2nd Grade

Mon.-  SP /GR + Math

Tues.- SP /GR + Math 

Wed.- GR + Math

Thurs.- Math

Fri.- Reading logs due w/ folders

3rd Grade

Mon.- SP / GR + Math

Tues.- SP / GR + Math

Wed., SP  / GR + Math 

Thurs.- Math

Fri.- Reading logs due w/ folders



Positive Action Words of the Week

Positive Action- To do or cause good things to happen.

Self-Concept- How you think and feel about yourself.

Healthy- To be well or have good health.

Items Needed for Class

We need...

You may donate for class use:

Hand sanitizer

sanitizing wipes

inexpensive small prizes for weekly raffle (less than $1 a piece)

Remember...this is a donation, not a requirement.

The following ...more