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Recipes from the Multicultural Food Room

Multicultural Committee

What is Multicultural Day?

Multicultural Day is a monthly parent-run event during which students “travel” to a different country to learn about their traditions, geography, history, stories, people, cuisine, and art.

Through exploring other cultures, students develop an appreciation of our common humanity and the sanctity of all living beings. Through greater understanding, students learn tolerance and respect for other people and other cultures across the globe.

Schedule for the event

  Use Cell Phone Clocks for Correct Time, Not Wall Clocks
Rotation 1     8:20am - 9:05am
Rotation 2 9:05am - 9:50am
Rotation 3 9:50am - 10:35am
Rotation 4 10:35am - 11:20am

11:20am - 11:35am
Recess is on smaller playground
Kids return to their individual teacher's room at 11:35am



  • Food Room is located in Room 7
  • Food Room rotates to Game Room 
  • Game Room rotates to Sightseeing Room
  • Sightseeing Room rotates to Art Room
  • Art Room rotates to Food Room 

Please rotate on time so other rooms do not get a shorter time.

Want to Help?

Contact the Committee Chair to find out how you can help out with Multicultural Day.

Christiane Sneed


MC Day Room Leads are:
Food Room: Jen Anderson & Shelly Bakosh
Art RoomAngie Bates & Stephanie Elliot
Sightseeing/Dance: Kayley Puma
Game RoomMichelle Dibb

2019-20 Countries

  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Spain
  • Ireland

Wish List

If you have items from any of the above countries that you would be willing to lend the Multicultural Committee to enrich the students' learning, please contact the Committee Chairs.  Items may include photographs, money, wall hangings, pottery, etc.