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Parent Committee Component

What is Parent Component Committee (PCC)

The Parent Component Committee (PCC) works with the Parent Board and with families to connect people to volunteer opportunities. PCC performs evaluations of all components of the school.

The Committee is responsible for the following: the monitoring of volunteer hours performed; providing updates to the Board on a regular basis; connecting families to volunteer opportunities; preparing information packets and conducting orientations for new parents; and keeping an inventory of parent skills, interests, and talents.


Jackie Hyland and Melissa Vignau — PCC Chairs
Trying to figure out who is in what committee? Need help but not sure where to go? Are you a working parent who wants to volunteer but can only help with at-home projects or in the evening? If you need hours, connect with the PCC Chair.


Liz Bassey — ACE Newsnote Editor
The Newsnote Editor puts together the parent submissions for the ACE Newsnote each week. Contact the Editor with your submissions.


Karla Park — Fingerprinting Coordinator
The Fingerprint Coordinator maintains the list of who is currently fingerprinted. Contact the Fingerprint Coordinator with any questions related to how to complete the fingerprinting process.

Want to Help?

Contact the Committee Chair if you would like to get involved with PCC.

Jackie Hyland or Liz Bassey