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Yearbook Committee

What is Yearbook Committee?

The Yearbook Committee is comprised of parents/guardians who put together ACE's yearbook each year. Since we have been using for the last several years, the Yearbook Committee is responsible for uploading all the pictures and content onto TreeRing for all the clubs, classes and the multitude of activities that are going on at ACE.

Yearbook Committee also ensures that each family has access to TreeRing and can begin working on their student's yearbook soon after the school year has begun.

Order and personalize your student's yearbook at TreeRing *

*App available

We Need Your Snapshots!

The Yearbook Committee needs families that are willing to take photos of ACE students at events, activities and fieldtrips. You do NOT need to be a seasoned photographer. You just need to have a camera and a willingness to photograph kids for the yearbook. If this sounds like a good way for you to earn ACE hours, contact Heather and/or Alissa for more information.

Want to Help?

Contact one of the Committee Co-Chairs to find out how you can get involved in the Yearbook Committee.


Heather Carollo

Alissa Widmer